Both Sides of the Atlantic

Robyn Schulkowsky and Joey Baron

Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss what playing and performing in Europe is like with two experienced, well-traveled percussionists. Especially interesting are the changes they cope with post 9/11. Robyn Schulkowsky is a classically trained percussionist specializing in contemporary music who has made her career working and traveling worldwide. Joey Baron is a much sought after jazz drummer who has worked and traveled extensively as well. Both Joey and Robyn grew up in the United States and have a… Read more »

Back to School with JD

Justin Dicioccio

Justin Dicioccio

Justin DiCioccio is internationally recognized as one of the foremost jazz educators of our time. In January 2001, he was inducted into the Jazz Education Hall of Fame. His keen insight into teaching and his inventive approach have earned him the title “the musician’s teacher.” In 2002, Mr. DiCioccio was named Assistant Dean/ Chair, Jazz Arts Program of Manhattan School of Music; in 2011 he was named Associate Dean. Under his leadership, the jazz curriculum has been completely restructured, including… Read more »