Musser M55 Pro Vibe Vibraphone

Musser M55 Pro Vibe
Musser M55 Pro Vibe
The Musser M55 Pro Vibe Vibraphone is the all-time favorite of the professional. This portable three-octave M55 Pro Vibe has a sound that has been heard on thousands of recordings and in concert halls worldwide. Silver finished bars are hand-tuned and the matching resonators produce a full, warm, resonant tone. The variable speed motor is extremely quiet. The swiveling, adjustable sustain pedal is very precise. Adjustable damper bar and Musser distortion-free damper bar suspension system assure exact control. Height adjustable More Info »
Price: $10,820.00$6,229.00
by Barry

Stagg Xylophone 37

Stagg Xylo
The Stagg 37 Xylophone is a 3 octave Padouk wood instrument. The tuning is C-C.It is ideal for practice and learning. Designed with the student in mind, it is very portable and a height adjustable stand is included. The instrument is detachable from the stand and can be used on a flat surface if necessary. A gig bag and mallets are also included. Free Shipping Continental USA. 37-key desktop xylophone set 3 octaves(C5~C8) A=442Hz Padouk bars Bar length: 110~290mm Bar More Info »
Price: $799.99$539.00
by Barry

Musser Orchestra Bells M645

Musser M645
The classic M645 Musser Orchestra Bells have been the pro's favorite Glockenspiel for many years. They are made with high-carbon tempered steel. They are hand tuned with a specially designed bar mounting system to deliver unsurpassed tone, clarity and resonance. The 2.5-octave bars are nickel plated with a satin finish. The bells have a vinyl covered wood case with sturdy steel hinges, latches, and double handles for secure carrying. Octave Range: 2.5 Octave, G5-C8 Standard Tuning: A=442 Hz. with A=440 More Info »
Price: $2,261.00$1,495.00
by Barry

Adams Marimba MCPA43 Padouk

Adams MCPA43
Adams manufactures the MCPA43 Marimba primarily for schools and students The wood is Padouk and the range is 4.3 octaves. The frame is height adjustable and very portable. Padouk is much like rosewood but shorter lasting sustain. The bars are graduated and the same size as concert Marimbas. This is an ideal practice and performing instrument. Free shipping continental USA. Model: MCPA43 Keyboard: Padouk Bar width: 67 - 40 mm Range: 4.3 octaves (A2 – C7) Tuning: A = 442 More Info »
Price: $6,685.00$3,800.00
by Barry

Percussion Plus Bell Kit PK32

A great way to start percussion! The PK32 educational bell kit comes with a drum practice pad, sticks and mallets for the bells. These all fit into a handy carrying case which makes the kit easily portable for practicing and rehearsing. Perfect to encourage students to practice drum basics and keyboard technique. Included in the Kit: -32-note aluminum bells with F-C range -Padded black nylon backpack/carrying bag -8-inch tunable practice pad -Combination pad/bell stand -1 pair bell mallets -1 pair More Info »
Price: $350.00$225.00
by Barry

Adams Xylophone Rosewood XC1HA40

Adams'XC1HA40 Rosewood Xylophone is designed for concert and recording performance. It is 4 octaves with Honduras Rosewood bars and Apex frame. The bars tend to be slightly wider than the majority of xylophones. The frame is height adjustable, bars are graduated. Allow extra delivery time. Model: XC1HA40 Keyboard: Honduras Rosewood Bar width: 48 - 40 cm Range: 4 octaves (C4 – C8) Tuning: A = 442 Hz quint tuned Length: 165 cm Low end: 90 cm High End: 50 cm More Info »
Price: $8,610.00$4,790.00
by Barry

Adams Academy 3.5 Xylophone AXLD35

Adams Academy Xylophone AXLD 35
Adams Academy Xylophone AXLD 35
The Adams AXLD35 was designed as a school instrument, however, many pros are now using it as a gigging instrument. It is 3.5 octaves, bars are Light Rosewood and the X-Stand included is height adjustable. It can be used as a table top or with stand. Bars are 1 1/2" wide with the range F to C. It has the feel of a full xylophone and the Resonator Rail System is very durable. Easy to transport. Cover and mallets are More Info »
Price: $2,000.00$1,300.00
by Barry

Adams Concert Vibraphone VCWA30G

This VCWA30G Concert series vibe is available with Apex Frame and features black tolex covered rails and end caps, making a distinct impression on stage or in the studio. The instrument’s 12-volt motor runs safely on 110 or 220-volt power with the special converting power adaptor, completely eliminating the possibility of any electrical hazard. Clean mounted controls allow the player to choose whether the fans stop in either the open or closed position. The motor speed is fully adjustable from More Info »
Price: $9,354.00$5,170.00
by Barry