Metal Doumbek With Jingles

Nickeled brass doumbek. Engraved with floral patterns, jingles mounted inside. Tunable with bolts. Comes with a Remo Fiberskyn® head. Available in 8", 10" and 12" head sizes. Please contact us if you would like a different style of head.
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by Barry

Remo Doumbek Fiberskyn Head-12 Inch

12 Inch Fiberskyn Doumbek Head
Remo developed a special Fiberskyn head to use with Mid-East Metal Doumbeks. The head has a deeper collar than a normal drum head and thus accommodates the rounded shell of the drum. These are very warm and resonant sounding with a nice low bass tone when needed.
Price: $49.00$37.00
by Barry

Metal Doumbek

This is a Mid-East Metal Doumbek made with nickeled brass and embossed with floral patterns. It features a Remo Fiberskyn Head. Tunable with bolts, it's available in 8"x14", 10"x15", and 12"x18" sizes (head size x height). This is a great all around portable hand drum. Ideal for dance classes, drum circles and jamming.
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by Barry