Pete Engelhart Reco Reco

Reco Reco by Pete Engelhart
The Reco Reco is a Brazilian metal instrument with springs.  It is used to play rhythm, effects and colors. Pete Engelhart has designed his Reco Reco with the addition of a cowbell in the body. There are a variety of sounds available and when played creatively this Reco Reco can be very effective in mood production. It is mountable for drum set or as an accessory for percussion. Sound Sample
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by Barry

Pete Engelhart Reco BNC

Pete Engelhart began crafting metal percussion instruments after spending time in Brazil in the 1950's. He combined his life long love of jazz, a knowledge of latin rhythms and sounds, and his ability as an artist to produce complicated resonant tuned bells. Pete has now been hand crafting metal percussion for nearly 45 years. He has designed a large variety of highly creative instruments that are now used worldwide by many professional musicians. The Reco-Reco BNC is a combination of More Info »
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by Barry

Pete Engelhart Blossom Bells

Engelhart Blossom Bells
Engelhart Blossom Bells
Six heavy gauge metal bells individually tuned. Pete Engelhart originally designed the blossom bells to be hand held and hit against each other to create a church bell effect.  We encouraged him to make them mountable so drumset players and percussionists could use them in their setups.  They have become extremely popular and often players use yarn mallets to get that "ringing" choir bell effect. We've seen them played with fingers, sticks, rods,etc.  They can be hand held and used in More Info »
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by Barry

Pete Engelhart Satellite Drums

Satellite Drums
Pete Engelhart designed the Satellite Drums to be hit with mallet or stick. When the metal bar is hit with a soft mallet the sound produced is similar to a steel drum. A stick produces a loud resonant, metallic effect. The drums are pitched at intervals and very compelling for sound effects and rhythmic patterns. Sizes are approximately 5" and 7". They are stand mountable. These are made exclusively for us by Pete.
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by Barry