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Wuhan China Cymbals are the real thing! These are authentic China cymbals hand made in China. They are trashy, dark and explosive. Originally made for marching bands, they became popular in the 30's when drum set players starting using them for special effects.  They are now used in every style and continue to grow in popularity. Often played  upside down for riding as well as crashing, they are a true effect cymbal. Listed below are the most popular sizes.
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by Barry

18" Zildjian A Custom China

The Zildjian A Custom China Cymbal gives you loud, piercing, and musical China sound. Developed with the assistance of Vinnie Colaiuta, A Customs are made using radical rotary hammering techniques, thin weights, and a striking, brilliant finish for crisp, sweet, sophisticated sound.
Price: $470.00$329.95
by Barry

Zildjian K Custom Dark China 17"

Dry, dark China sound. Immediate initial trashy attack with fast decay. The K Custom cymbals are specially designed to provide more volume and cut with a quicker attack and decay than traditional K Zildjians.  
Price: $565.00$324.00
by Barry

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid China

The K Custom Hybrid series is another innovative and musical line developed in conjunction with Akira Jimbo, a leading drum stylist. The Hybrids combine an unlathed, brilliant finish on the inner half with the traditionally finished K Zildjian lathing on the outer half of the cymbal. This results in the possibility of 2 different sound dynamics depending where the cymbal is played. Additionally, the unlathed section helps to control the wash and sustain, rendering them ideal for recording and live More Info »
Price: from $565.00$344.95
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by Barry