The kanjira (khanjira) is an old percussion instrument that is very popular in South Indian classical performances. At one time, this small tambourine was a primary percussion instrument. Today it is a secondary percussion that is played with the mridangam.

Remo Traditional Kanjira

Remo Traditional Kanjira, Antique finish, 7-inch,Tunable
Remo Traditional Kanjira, Antique finish, 7-inch,Tunable
The Remo Traditional Remo Kanjira (Khanjira) is Key-Tuned and features an Antique Veneer shell with a Skyndeep drumhead. The traditional Indian kanjira was made using skin of the now-endangered Monitor Lizard. Remo's synthetic Skyndeep lizard-graphic drumhead is an ecological tribute to the beauty of the Monitor Lizard. For this tunable kanjira, Remo attaches their Skyndeep lizard-graphic drumhead to an Acousticon shell with a 30-degree radial bearing edge. The frame is finished with a dark stain veneer, giving the drum an More Info »
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by Barry