Ride Cymbals

The Ride cymbal is the main or primary cymbal in the drummer’s setup. The term comes from playing time or, in the days of swing, “riding” on the cymbal. Sizes vary, but the most common sizes are 20″ and 22″. For darker, warmer sounding ride cymbals the hand hammered ones are ideal.

Zildjian A Series Medium Ride

The A Series Zildjian is the world's most popular and versatile cymbal. Created from cast bronze alloy of 80% copper, 20% tin, and traces of silver, it is symmetrically machine hammered and lathed with a traditional wide groove. The result is an exuberant cymbal that bursts with a classic voice that is pure, bright, and expressive.  
Price: from $453.00$329.95
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by Barry

Ottaviano Cymbals 20" Lathed Ride

Ottaviano Lathed 22 Ride
Ottaviano Cymbals are for the serious Jazz and Orchestral player looking for the sound of the highly sought-after old K's.  They are warm, dark sounding with clean stick definition and thin enough to crash as well as ride.  We have sold these to many endorsers representing other cymbal companies looking for a unique one of a kind "sound."  These are limited and are made one at a time. Justin Ottaviano makes his own cymbals. He uses the best quality Turkish More Info »
Price: $900.00
by Barry