Taye Studio Maple Wood-Hoop Snare Drum-14x7

Taye Studio Maple Wood-Hoop 14×7 (Java Burst)
Taye Studio Maple Wood-Hoop 14x7 (Java Burst)

Taye Studio Maple Snare Drums are constructed using 100% North American Sugar Maple Shells. Sugar Maple is extremely hard and dense which creates a big attack and very sensitive response. The shells are 10ply and the wood hoops 14 ply. The wood hoops are thick and exceptionally effective for “cross sticking” patterns. Color is Java Burst.

Details include:

  • 100% North American Sugar Maple Shells
  • High Gloss Lacquer Finishes
  • 10 ply, 7.5mm Shells
  • 14 ply North American Sugar Maple Hoops
  • Claw Hooks
  • Studded Gaskets
  • Side Latch Snare Release
Price: $1,065.00$745.00
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by Barry