Grover Pro G3T-5 Concert Snare Drum

Grover Pro G3T 5E
Grover Pro G3T 5E

Grover Pro Percussion has redefined snare drum technology with the advent of the Grover G3T Snare Drum. The 5″x14″ Grover Pro G3T-5 Concert Snare Drum features the advanced ITaP™ technology tuning system. This system provides previously unattainable focus and sensitivity from a snare drum by allowing the independent adjustment of snare pressure (sound quality) from snare tension (sensitivity). This versatile top of the line orchestral instrument does it all—from the most delicate pianissimo to the most roaring fortissimo! Ideal for the concert hall and any situation that requires one drum to do it all! Available in Natural or Ebony finish.

G3T™ Features Include:

  • Master Tension Adjustment
  • Three Dedicated Snare Balancing Adjustments
  • Independent Snare Pressure Adjustment (ITaP™)
  • Coated cable, uncoated cable, and wire snares
  • Stylish Contempo™ tube lugs
  • Die-cast rims
  • CNC machined 10-ply, cross-laminated maple shell
  • Hand-Rubbed High-Gloss Polyester Finish
Price: from $938.00$865.00
by Barry