Sabian XSR Performance Cymbal Set

XSR Perf Set

The Sabian XSR Performance Cymbal Set is sonically matched using B20 metal alloys to produce a vintage, bright sound. Crafted from pure SABIAN B20 Bronze using technology from award-winning Evolution and X-Plosion cymbals, the SABIAN XSR Performance Set includes the highly-responsive 14″ XSR Hi-Hats, a versatile and effective 16″ Fast Crash, a tasty 20″ XSR Ride and FREE 18″ Fast Crash! XSR is not a budget series, but rather a line of smartly-priced cymbals that would not be out of place on any drum kit, on any stage. Free Shipping Continental USA.

Price: $879.00$499.00
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by Barry