Zildjian I Standard Gig Pack

The Zildjian Standard Gig Pack is made from the B8 Bronze alloy. It consists of the standard size cymbals you need! A 14" hihat pair, 16" crash and full 20" ride will have you ready to play anything that comes your way.
Price: $663.00$299.00
by Barry

Zildjian I Pro Gig Pack

The Zildjian I Pro Gig Pack featuring the B8 Alloy expands on the standard sizes, adding a second crash for maximum expressiveness. A 14" hihat pair, 16" and 18" crashes and full 20" ride are included. These are designed for all music styles.
Price: $761.00$339.00
by Barry

Sabian XSR Performance Cymbal Set

XSR Perf Set
The Sabian XSR Performance Cymbal Set is sonically matched using B20 metal alloys to produce a vintage, bright sound. Crafted from pure SABIAN B20 Bronze using technology from award-winning Evolution and X-Plosion cymbals, the SABIAN XSR Performance Set includes the highly-responsive 14″ XSR Hi-Hats, a versatile and effective 16″ Fast Crash, a tasty 20″ XSR Ride and FREE 18″ Fast Crash! XSR is not a budget series, but rather a line of smartly-priced cymbals that would not be out of More Info »
Price: $1,127.00$694.99
by Barry

Sabian B8X Performance Set Plus Cymbal Set

Sabian B8X Perf Set
The Sabian B8X Pro Performance Cymbal Set utilizes the B8 metal alloy and consists of: 14" Medium Hi Hats, 16" Thin Crash, and a 20" Medium Ride. As an extra bonus a free 18" thin crash is included. This is a bright, well defined intermediate cymbal pack. Very affordable. Free Shipping to Continental USA.
Price: $713.00$399.99
by Barry

Zildjian Low Volume Cymbal Pack - LV468

Zildjian L80 Low Volume LV468 Box Set
Zildjian L80 Low Volume LV468 Box Set
Zildjian research has developed an ideal cymbal setup for practice room and very soft playing acoustic gigs. These Low Volume cymbals are 80% quieter than traditional cymbals and still have the feel and musicality of a Zildjian cymbal. The LV468 cymbal pack includes: 14" Hi-Hat Pair 16" Crash Cymbal 18" Crash Ride Cymbal
Price: $600.00$299.95
by Barry

A Zildjian Cymbal Set-Sweet Ride

The A Zildjian Cymbal set with Sweet Ride features cymbals that have shaped musical history. One of the most popular and versatile cymbals used by musicians for generations, the A Zildjian line is known for its bright, focused overtones and ability to produce as much volume as the music demands. Cymbals included are 14" New Beat HiHats, 16" Medium Thin crash, 18" Medium Thin Crash, and 21" Sweet Ride. Free Shipping Continental USA.
Price: $2,041.00$809.95
by Barry