Pearl Philharmonic Series 8-ply Maple Snare Drums


Pearl Philharmonic Series 8-ply Maple Snare Drums with die-cast hoops have become the choice of many orchestral snare drummers. The most popular sizes have been the 14″ x 5″ and 14″ x 6.5″. These drums feature the SR-505 Triad Silent Strainer which has 3 individual tension adjusters for fine tuning and a combination of Coated Cable, Stainless Steel, and Snappy Wire snares. Also available are piccolo models 13″ x 4″ and 14″x 4″ with Single Flange Hoops and Claw Hooks. Shown is the Barnwood Brown Burst. Also available in Piano Black Lacquer.

These are very articulate drums!

Pearl Philharmonic Series 6-ply Maple 14×6.5 Snare Drum in High Gloss Walnut

Pearl SR-500 Strainer

Price: from $1,576.00$785.00
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by Barry