Pearl Philharmonic Aluminum Snare Drum-14x4

PHA1440 14×4 Philharmonic Cast Aluminum

The PHA1440 Philharmonic Cast Aluminum Shell Snare Drum is part of the highly successful Philharmonic series concert snares developed by Pearl. These are highly articulate and precise drums. The 14×4 cast aluminum shell features claw hooks and displays brightness of tone as well as warmth. These incredible drums represent state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship. At the heart of the world-famous Philharmonic snare drum is the revolutionary SR-500 strainer system. The Triad Silent Strainer System provides three individual tension adjusters allowing you to fine tune the optimum tension for each type of snare material mounted on the drum and a single global adjustment knob on the butt side for quick overall tension adjustments. A combination of three unique snare sets using graduated tensioning, offers seamless timbre overlapping and ultra-smooth dynamic transition, plus a greatly extended dynamic and sensitivity range. All snares can be effortlessly changed by simply loosening the adjuster and one drum key rod.

-3mm Cast Aluminum Shell
-SR500 Triad Strainer

Price: $1,740.00$870.00
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by Barry