Ludwig Classic Maple Downbeat Shell Pack-Sky Blue Pearl

Ludwig Classic Maple Downbeat Shell Pack in Sky Blue Finish

Ludwig is manufacturing the Downbeat Shell Pack in their Noth Carolina plant. Using 7 ply Maple shells and 45 degree bearing edges, the drums are sensitive with a wide dynamic tuning range and a sharp attack for live performance. They feature mini-classic lugs, and a virgin kick drum with the tom holder mounting off the cymbal stand. These are drums made in the USA with top quality materials and craftsmanship. The shell pack consists of 3 drums: 14×20 Bass, 8×12 Tom, 14×14 Floor Tom Tom; and clamp-on tom holder only. Finish is Sky Blue Pearl.

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  • Mini Classic Lugs
  • Elite Bass Drum Spurs
  • Virgin Kick Drum
  • A.T.L.A.S. Mounts
  • New Cast Badge Clamps
  • Tom Holder
Price: $4,075.00$2,649.00
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by Barry