Tama Starclassic Maple 20-inch 3-pc Shell Kit

Starclassic 20inch Jade Silk

This 3 piece drum kit is made of all maple shells. The Starclassic is a long established Tama thin shell classic. Sizes are: 20×14 bass drum, 14×14 floor tom, and 12×8 mounted tom. All chrome hardware with a single tom holder included. The sound is very resonant.
For the optimum transfer of vibrations from head to shell, a thinner shell is better. However, less thickness often equals less strength. Instead of simply making thinner shells by using fewer plies, TAMA slims down each ply and then cross laminates them into a 6ply 5mm thick shell (8ply 7mm bass drum). This combination results in a thinner shell that’s actually stronger than others of greater thickness. Starclassic shells utilize maple, the most popular shell material today because of its warm clear sound. Drums and tom holder only. Stands not included. Wrapped coverings are Jade Silk above. Below:Charcoal Swirl/ Red&White Oyster/ Surf Green Silk/ Vintage Blue Sparkle,

Price: from $3,538.00$2,599.99
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by Barry