Ludwig Breakbeats Drum Shell Kit


Breakbeats was designed with the city in mind. Positioned on a riser for optimum reach, its compact 14×16″ bass drum, 7×10″ tom, and 13×13″ floor tom creates a set-up for sculpting grooves in tight spaces. A matching 5″x14″ wood snare is included. It features Remo Pinstripe heads for pro-level tones, and comes with a multi-purpose bags for easy transport, and drum muting.
Packable, stackable, and portable, Breakbeats’ compact size and included storage bags make it ideal for the drummer on the move. Shells are 9 ply poplar wood. Does not include hardware and cymbals. Set shown is Black Sparkle finish.

Price: $768.00$499.99
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by Barry