JAMM Jr. 5 Piece Drum Set


The perfect drum set for the beginning drummer. Just like the pros use, five different drum sizes with cymbals…but the sizes are for juniors. The drum heads are plastic (mylar) and will hold up for the heavy hitter. Stands and hardware are sturdy as well as the cymbals. The JAMM Jr. 5 piece kit is a great introduction to the drum set. Drum sticks and throne included. Color: Black


-11”x16” Bass Drum 4 Double Lug
-6”x10” Tom 4 Double Lug
-6”x8” Toms 4 Double Lug
-10”x12” Floor Tom 4 Double Lug
-5”x10” Snare Drum 4 Double Lug
-Hi-Hat Stand, Cymbal Stand, Snare Stand
-Bass Drum Pedal, Throne
-Cymbals: Two 8”, One 10”
-Drum Sticks
-Drum Key

Price: $512.00$350.00
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by Barry