Grover Pro Tunable Tambourine

Tunable Tambourine – Grover Pro

The Grover Pro Tunable Tambourine affords players who prefer a natural skin head the ability to maintain a consistent head tension regardless of the temperature and humidity. The titanium tuning pins grant players a tuning range not previously possible with professional-level tambourines. The exclusive design produces no extra bulk and negligible extra weight because the tuning mechanism is completely internal. This 10″ model comes with German Silver jingles. Also, includes a CTB tambourine bag and a Roll Ring.

In addition to being tunable, the Grover Pro Tunable Tambourine is customizable: The 18 jingles of the top row are interchangeable, allowing for an unbelievable number of different combinations to customize your sound. Jingle Packs sold separately below.

Price: from $5,800.00$58.00
by Barry