Grover Pro Triangle Beaters

Standard Tubular beater set (4pc)

Tubular Beaters

These contemporary style beaters feature a stainless steel tubular beater face isolated from a core shaft using a special rubber compound. Each beater features a comfortable black latex handle (identical in diameter and coupled to the beater face). Due to the increase weight of the beater face, these beaters produce a great array of spectral overtones from triangles. Available in a 4 or 6 piece set.

Standard Alloy 303 beater set (6pc)

Alloy 303 Beaters

In 1980, Grover developed a traditional style triangle beater that produces a rich, full sonority with minimal contact sound. Grover Alloy 303 triangle beaters are extra long (8.9″) and are available in six sizes and weights. Each comes with a special plastic coated handle for positive gripping and is color coded for quick and easy identification. Available in a 6 or 10 piece set.

Sound Values beater set (3pc)

Sound Values Beaters

Grover Pro’s Sound Values brass triangle beaters come in a set of three weights and diameters. The beaters are 8.9″ in length and provide the player with a basic set of quality triangle beaters.

Price: from $33.00$28.00
by Barry