Grover Pro Bronze Hammered Lite™ Triangles

Grover Pro Bronze Hammered Lite Triangle

Distilling the expertise gained through 30 years of triangle making, Grover Pro Percussion has created the new Bronze Hammered Lite™ Triangles. Each triangle is hand-shaped from a special 3/8-in diameter alloy and hand-hammered in a randomized pattern which enhances the production of primary and secondary harmonics. The proprietary alchemy of these highly resonant triangles is integral to the sonic properties and is a closely guarded secret.

The tonal properties can best be described as resonant with a very wide array of audible harmonics. These instruments produce a lighter sonority than the Grover Pro Bronze Pro Hammered™, yet they retain their distinctive and complex harmonic spectrum for which these hammered triangles are renowned.

Available in sizes from 4″ to 9″, the Grover Pro Bronze Hammered Lite™ Triangles are ideal for percussionists who desire a triangle with a full overtone spectrum, yet lighter and more sensitive sound profile.

Price: from $74.00$63.00
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