Custom 18-inch Nesting Drum Set

Drummers World 18-inch Nesting Kit in Natural Oil-Stain Finish
Drummers World 18-inch Nesting Kit in Natural Oil-Stain Finish

Our Drummers World 18-inch Custom Nesting Drum Set is world renowned. The meticulous handmade construction features an 8-ply Keller maple shell engineered for a warm, full and resonant sound that is versatile for any style of music. The shells are matte finished in your choice of natural, mahogany or walnut. These kits are not mass produced. They are made one at a time and tested prior to shipment. Each drum of the kit fits, or “nests” inside the next larger drum for ease of transportation and storage. The 8-inch by 10-inch rack-tom fits inside the 12-inch by 14-inch floor-tom which in turn fits inside the 14-inch by 18-inch bass drum. The kit can be carried in one bass drum case and sets up just like a conventional drumset—ideal for traveling and doing one nighters. Many of our customers are major artists who prefer the sound, convenience and portability of the Drummers World nesting kit. We have been manufacturing nesting kits since the 1990’s. Our experience speaks for itself.


  • 8 ply all-maple shells
  • Matte Finish—Walnut, Mahogany or Natural
  • Installed inner ring to seal separation of shells
  • Tom holder, Spurs installed
  • Approximate weight of 3 drums when nested=32lbs
  • 45 degree bearing edges for warmth and attack
  • 2.3mm metal hoops
  • Heavy Duty clasping hinges
  • Ease of portability—3 drums fit in one case
  • Size: 14” x 18” bass drum, 12” x 14” floor tom, 8”x 10” rack tom
Price: from $1,770.00
by Barry