Adams Xylophone Rosewood XC1HA40


Adams’XC1HA40 Rosewood Xylophone is designed for concert and recording performance. It is 4 octaves with Honduras Rosewood bars and Apex frame. The bars tend to be slightly wider than the majority of xylophones. The frame is height adjustable, bars are graduated. Allow extra delivery time.

Model: XC1HA40
Keyboard: Honduras Rosewood
Bar width: 48 – 40 cm
Range: 4 octaves (C4 – C8)
Tuning: A = 442 Hz quint tuned
Length: 165 cm
Low end: 90 cm
High End: 50 cm
Height: Adjustable 80-100 cm
Frame: Adams Apex

Price: $8,610.00$4,790.00
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by Barry