Drum Repair

Elvin Jones watches Jack Moscrop at Drummers World drill his cymbal for rivets - circa 1980's.

Elvin Jones looks on
as Jack Moscrop drills
his cymbal for rivets
Drummers World - circa 1980's

We are now doing repairs in a downtown Manhattan facility. Neil Ochoa, our long time repair person, is accepting repairs involving Drum Recovering and the Reheading of Djembe, Conga, Bongo, Dumbeck, Tambourine and Frame Drum.

Please contact us for further information.

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  1. i just purchased a gon bops that have one 1/16′ split down one side and a 1/4″ split on top of the conga. If i send you the shell can you fix the separations.
    i have photos i can send you if you need to see the work that has to be done.

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