Buster Bailey 1980s Photo

Buster Bailey at Drummers World in the late 1980s

Buster Bailey at Drummers World – late 1980s

What a pleasure and honor when Buster Bailey would come into Drummers World. Having been with the NY Philharmonic for over 40 years, he witnessed many changes. He played snare drum with impeccable taste and control. I think one of his favorite pastimes was going to the circus and watching the drummer. I complained to him about the difficulty of his Xylophone book and he advised: “practice very slowly”… which I did, and it was still difficult! This is a photo of Buster and the book late 80’s.

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  1. Drummers World was the Yankee Stadium of drum shops… and Barry was Mickey Mantle… no one better… soooooooo many fond memories spending time there… great selection of everything… bought many cooperman sticks there and played many rolls on the huge pads on the counter… long live Drummers World… 5 * to Barry and Drummers World…Gary Rynar..

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