Zildjian Hickory Drumsticks


Crafted to the same manufacturing standards as Zildjian Cymbals and guaranteed straight.

7A Natural – Slim profile for light touch and great articulation. Wood or nylon tip

6A Natural – Round bead and extremely centered balance. Wood or nylon Tip

Jazz Natural – Small teardrop bead for a range of refined cymbal sounds. Wood or nylon tip.

5A Natural – Our most popular model. Full-size oval tip produces full tone. Wood or nylon tip.

Absolute Rock – Dual butt-end for heavy hitters.

3A Natural – Solid design and round tip for full tones. Wood or nylon tip.

5B Natural – A consistent favorite for its medium sized dimensions and teardrop bead. Wood or nylon tip.

2B Natural – Large grip dimension with a slightly oval bead. Excellent all-around stick. Wood or nylon tip.

Super 5A Natural – Longer dimensions than a traditional 5A, perfect balance and an acorn bead for articulation. Wood or nylon tip.

Super 5B Natural – Longer than a 5B for better reach. Beefy barrel bead. An awesome all-purpose rock stick. Wood or nylon tip.

Rock Natural – Added length and a fat tip for maximum power, weight and durability. Wood or nylon tip.

Price: from $17.00$14.99
by Barry