Togo Seed Rattle


Seed rattles are found in many parts of Africa. Togo seeds are ubiquitous in Africa and are used for many different things. The shells of selected Togo seeds are used in the construction of these rattles. Togo seed shells are also used for holding keys, for necklace pendants, and these very-loud rattles are used worldwide as noisemakers to cheer on athletes at sporting events.

Togo seeds grow on trees in the rainforests of various regions of Africa. In west African tropical rainforest regions (where these grow), they’re normally harvested in the dry season, which lasts about three months. Skillfully assembled by enterprising people, they represent a sort of local currency and they are one of our most popular items. When we say loud, we mean loud, however the proportionately thin shape of Togo seeds give this instrument a particular timbre that is quite unique among seed rattles. Sold as one bunch which consists of 60 togo seeds.

Sound Sample

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