Ludwig Duco Gold Clubdate Shell Kit w/22" Bass Drum

Ludwig's answer to the Retro kit. The Vintage Clubdate features 2 ply American Maple inner and outer shells with a 2 ply Poplar wood core.Sizes are 14x22, 9x13, 16x16 floor tom. The bearing edges are round for a noticeable bottom end and added attack. The Duco Gold lightweight shells are very attractive with the addition of Imperial lugs. These drums are great for live playing and recording. A 5x14 Snare drum is optional. Stands and cymbals are not included. Free More Info »
Price: from $3,476.00$2,399.00
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by Barry

Leedy & Ludwig Broadway Snare Drum

Leedy Ludwig Bway Snare Drum
This rare Vintage Leedy & Ludwig Broadway Snare drum is a much sought after drum. Dating back to the early 1950's, the 14x5.5 shell is 3 ply with reinforcement rings. The wood finish has a white sealer paint inside and extended 18 strand snares are installed. With Beavertail lugs, the hardware is nickel plated. An internal tone control is included and the straight edge hoops are ideal for rim shots. All original parts. This is a drummer's dream drum. The More Info »
Price: $425.00
by Barry