The Miller Machine

A stand mountable Triangle or Finger Cymbal Machine that is a must have for any broadway or percussion setup. The Miller Machine allows you to play a triangle or finger cymbal with a beater at the touch of a finger so you can keep your hands free. Mounting bracket with triangle beater only. New, recently revised triangle beater.
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by Barry

Rhythm Tech Mountable Tambourines

Mountable Tambourine by Rhythm Tech
Rhythm Tech Tambourines have been  popular for many years. The Mountable model is ideal for drum set playing or mounting on a holder. The plastic frame is durable and holds up to heavy playing. Often seen in Pop and Rock groups, the tambourine comes in two different jingle models.  The Nickel jingles sound bright with good projection. The Brass model is darker and more controlled. Various colors are available with black and white most popular.
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by Barry