Tunable Black Bodhran 14x5 inches

This tunable wood Irish drum is a delight to play. It has inside tuning and with the T-Bar grip is easy to hold. The natural wood frame has an 14-inch goat skin mounted head. The T-Bar is fixed and the 5 inch deep shell makes it easy to reach the head inside. Tipper is included.
Price: $140.00$110.00
by Barry

Remo Standard Ocean Drum

Remo 22-inch Standard Ocean Drum
The Remo Standard Ocean Drum is an incredibly versatile double-sided professional quality frame drum. Close your eyes and you are at the beach. The surf's coming in with rolling, crashing waves. The Remo Standard Ocean Drum features a clear Mylar resonant drumhead and a standard finish head on an Acousticon shell with metallic beads inside. It can be played hands or with mallets and can also be used as a shaker. With great sound effects, the drum is ideal for More Info »
Price: from $98.00$68.00
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by Barry