Vic Firth Signature Series Drumsticks E-L


Each Vic Firth Signature Series model was conceived through extensive research with the finest drummers from a variety of musical styles. The designs reflect their musical requirements in terms of balance, feel, sound projection and cymbal color. All colored sticks feature a clear, natural tip. All sticks are hickory unless otherwise noted.

Peter Erskine (SPE)
Light and fast with a piccolo tip for pinpoint articulation on cymbals.
L = 16″ | Dia. = .525″
Peter Erskine Ride Stick (SPE2)
An extra long taper and tear drop tip for enhanced cymbal response. Beefed-up shaft for extra power.
L = 16″ | Dia. = .575″
Peter Erskine Big Band Stick (SPE3)
Combines the shaft dimensions of a 5A and 5B with a long taper for effortless rebound.
L = 16″ | Dia. = .585″
Steve Gadd (SSG)
Barrel tip for a great recording sound. Available in wood or nylon tip.
L = 15 3/4″ | Dia. = .550″
David Garibaldi (JM)
Barrel tip and extra long taper for great cymbal and rim shot response.
L = 16 7/16″ | Dia. = .560″
Alex Gonzalez (SAG)
From Mexico‚ Alex is the striking force in the band MANA. His stick features a barrel shaped nylon tip on a Rock shaft and is powerful and articulate.
L = 16 5/8″ | Dia. = .600″
Tomas Haake (SHAA)
Olive tip produces clearly defined drum and cymbal sounds. A compact‚ yet powerful stick.
L = 16 7/16″ | Dia. = .645″
Omar Hakim Nylon (SOH)
Round nylon tip for a brilliant cymbal sound.
L = 16″ | Dia. = .585
Gavin Harrison (SHAR)
An elongated ROCK shaft with a blended taper and tip. Delivers an ideal combination of power and playability. With blue Vic Grip.
L = 16 7/8″ | Dia. = .630″
Joey Heredia (SJH)
Joey’s signature stick is made of maple and features an extended tip. This very unique tip shape can produce a range of sound depending on the angle from which it is played — capable of achieving both bright and dark cymbal sounds. The overall length and diameter coupled with the smooth‚ blended taper create a stick that can be played at high powered and super soft dynamic levels.
L = 16 3/16″ | Dia. = .580″
Gerald Heyward (SGH)
Features a barrel tip and plenty of length with a short taper for really laying into a groove.
L = 16 5/16″ | Dia. = .570″
Tommy Igoe (STI)
Features a “Taj Mahal” tip that is ideal for sensitive cymbal work. The extended taper and length add leverage to this hickory stick for great feel and power when needed.
L = 16 1/8″ | Dia. = .555″
Akira Jimbo (SAJ)
Akira’s unique style and intricate techniques have placed him at the forefront of thie Japanese music scene for over 15 years. His stick has a tear drop tip with a tapered butt for better cymbal definition. Special finish provides an enhanced grip.
L = 16″ | Dia. = .565″
Steve Jordan (SJOR)
Steve’s Signature stick is light and long for great touch and sound around the drums and cymbals. In hickory.
L = 16 1/2″ | Dia. = .525″
George Kollias (SGK)
Built for speed! Blends popular features of the 5A and 5B. Barrel tip provides a clear cymbal sound and full drum tone.
L = 16″ | Dia. = .585″
Abe Laboriel Jr. (SAL)
Long and thick for plenty of power. Gradual taper delivers great rebound and overall feel.
L = 17″ | Dia. = .630″
Thomas Lang (STL)
A large shaft and oversized tear drop tip speak loudly and clearly. Designed to produce a thunderous sound on the drums! In hickory.
L = 16 1/8″ | Dia. = .650″
Paul Leim (SPL)
An 8DN with a slightly beefed up neck and an oval nylon tip. A thin stick with a full sound and a clear attack.
L = 16″ | Dia. = .545″
Price: from $10.49
by Barry