Regal Tip Performer Series Drumsticks

chester thompson

Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson Performer Series Drumsticks from Regal Tip are long enough for you to use your fingers, which are at the heart of control, power, and accuracy. When Chester was starting, someone told him that he could play faster with longer sticks and he believed them. It does work for him. The drumstick tip is larger because Chester found that with more wood coming in contact with the head, he could achieve more volume without using an uncomfortably large and heavy stick.


  • Wood tip: Teardrop
  • 17″ long x .550″ diameter

Jeff Porcaro –

Jeff Porcaro Performer Series drumsticks from Regal Tip feature a barrel-shaped tip for fat, punchy sounds. Made from hickory with a natural finish.


  • Wood Tip: Barrel
  • Natural Finish
  • 16″ length x .555″ diameter
  • Hickory


Jeff Hamilton –

The Jeff Hamilton Performer drumstick from Regal Tip features an acorn tip with short taper for punchy sound and extra strength. Made from hickory.


  • Wood tip: Acorn
  • 15-7/8″ length x 1/2″ diameter
  • Hickory
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