Pearl Roadshow 22-inch 5-piece Kit

Pearl Roadshow 22-inch RS525SC/C in Bronze Metallic Finish
Pearl Roadshow 22-inch RS525SC/C in Bronze Metallic Finish

The Pearl ROADSHOW RS525SC Drum Set is a versatile and very durable drum kit with great projection for playing small and large venues. The Roadshow kit is also great for beginning drummers, as it comes complete with hardware, cymbals and sticks. The attractive low price does not diminish the quality we have learned to expect from Pearl. The shells are made of 9-ply poplar and the hardware is double braced and sturdy. The kick pedal’s double-chain drive action and is designed after Pearl’s award-winning Eliminator pro pedal line. Two pairs of sticks and stick bag included.

Sizes: 22″x 16″ bass drum, 10″x 8″ tom, 12″ x 9″ tom, 16″x 16″ floor tom, 14″x 5.5″ snare drum, 16″ Brass Crash-ride, 14″ Hybrid Hi-hats.

Hardware: Docking Cymbal Boom Arm, Hi-hat Stand, Snare Stand, Kick Pedal, Throne.

Finish Colors: Jet Black, Wine Red, Charcoal Metallic and Bronze Metallic.

Price: from $839.00$659.00
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by Barry