Grover Pro Super-Overtone™ Triangles

Grover Pro Super Overtone Triangle

Grover Pro Super-Overtone™ Triangles set the new standard in symphonic triangles over 30 years ago! Since their introduction thousands have been sold to top percussionists around the globe.

Grover Pro Super-Overtone™ Triangles are the culmination of years of extensive research and experimentation and were the first triangles specifically developed to produce maximum overtone resonance.

Fabricated from from a special high-resonance alloy, the resulting wide spectrum of overtones coupled with an extraordinary large dynamic range combine to give this triangle a full sound spectrum. Unlike most triangles, the expanded resonance of this instrument will remain consistent throughout the expanded dynamic range. Abundant acoustic energy is produced by these triangles, eliminating the need to overplay. The microscopic Kanigen plating allows the highest spectrum of the harmonics to resonate and be heard. Kanigen is also more durable and longer lasting than ordinary chrome plating.

Don’t forget your Grover Pro Triangle Beaters or your Grover Pro Triangle Clips!

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