Genis GEN3 "Beethoven Hard" Timpani Mallet

Vic Firth GEN3 – Tim Genis Signature “Beethoven Hard” Timpani Mallet
Vic Firth GEN3 - Tim Genis Signature "Beethoven Hard" Timpani Mallet

The Tim Genis Signature GEN3 “Beethoven Hard” Timpani Mallet by Vic Firth provides full bodied sound with excellent clarity. It has a felt core, and the persimmon shaft provides a darker sound. The balance and weight of this model makes articulation effortless. The head diameter is 1 1/2″ and the length is 14 3/8″.

The versatile Tim Genis Signature line of timpani mallets is tonal in character and designed to create different colors and qualities of articulation.

Vic Firth GEN4 Tim Genis Signature "Dolce Articulate" Timpani Mallet Head

Tim Genis has been a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra since 1993, when he won the appointment as Principal Percussionist – a position which he held until winning the timpani position, a role made vacant with the retirement of Vic Firth after a 50 year tenure.

Price: $59.00
by Barry