Cymbelt and Cymbelt Caddy

Epstein Cymbelt

Revolutionary, yet simple, the Cymbelt® is designed to keep your cymbal securely attached to a bass drum of any width, allow full side-to-side positioning, and make cymbal playing and muffling easier and more comfortable. The Cymbelt® is ideal for all types of performance, clamps to both sides of the bass drum and is a necessity for Ive’s Symphony No. 4, Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 & 2, Stravinsky’s Petrouchka and The Rite of Spring. Fully adjustable, designed by Frank Epstein. The Cymbelt Caddy —pictured below— is the perfect companion for the Cymbelt. It will attach to the side of the bass drum and store your cymbals when not in use. Adjustable for all cymbals.

Epstein Cymbelt CaddyEpstein Cymbelt and Cymbelt Caddy

Price: from $125.00
by Barry