Contemporanea Pandeiro Ginga with Goatskin Head

Contemporanea Ginga Pandiero Skin Head
Contemporanea Ginga Pandiero Skin Head

The Contemporanea Pandeiro Ginga features a 10″ Diameter Goatskin Head, a Wood Shell, Five Sets of Silver Jingles, and is Key Tunable (tuning key provided). This alternative to the top of the line models is limited in quantity.

The Pandeiro, a type of tambourine, is practically synonymous with Brazilian music. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Contemporanea brand is the choice of musicians and samba schools worldwide. They supply the top samba schools in Rio and Sao Paulo. Their instruments capture the authentic sound of samba and bossa nova. Drummers World has been selling their products for over 30 years and recognizes the quality and craftsmanship these instruments provide.

Price: $125.00
by Barry