Yamaha YV 2030 MSD Vibraphone


Yamaha introduced the YV 2030 MSD Vibe for budget minded pocket books. However, it is a serious instrument and ideal for schools and students. The 3 octave non-graduated bars with silver matte finish produce a warm sound and the gas spring height adjustment system used in high end instruments is provided. A dust cover and mallets are included. Note: this instrument includes a variable speed motor.

-Aluminum Alloy Bars utilize the exclusive Yamaha tuning method for true pitch and a full sound.
-Non-graduated 1.3″ bars help keep this keyboard compact while the silver matte finish produces a warm sound.
-Locking 3 inch casters on the player side are easy to reach, and secure the instrument while playing.
-Height adjustable
– Variable speed quiet motor, the YVD-10, includes silent pause and silent fan speed slider control, allows musical expression without unwanted noise

Price: $4,820.00$2,650.00
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by Barry