Yamaha Stage Custom Standard Drum Set w/22 inch Bass Drum

Yamaha Stage Custom Standard.2

The all-Birch “Standard” Stage Custom kit comes in the following sizes: 22″ x 17″ Bass, 10″ x 7″ Tom, 12″ x 8″ Tom, 16″ x 15″ Floor Tom, 14″ x 5.5″ Snare drum, and includes the TH-945B Tom Holder. These drums are great for beginners as well as working pros. They have a big, warm sound and dependable Yamaha hardware. Finished in high-gloss lacquer. Available as a shell pack (all drums plus holder) or complete with 700 series hardware (2 Boom stands, Hi-hat stand, Bass pedal, Snare stand).┬áColor shown: Cranberry Red

Price: from $1,201.00$709.99
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by Barry