Vancore PSM1001 Marimba 4 1/3 Octave

Vancore PSM1001 Marimba
Vancore PSM1001 Marimba

The Vancore PSM1001 Marimba bars are made of African Paduak, which produces a warm sound and rich sustain. All 4 1/3 octaves of bars are sized professionally with the low end bars measuring 2.5″ wide. The resonance of the instrument is magnified by the Floating Bar System incorporated. The resonators are individually hand tuned and assembled using an exclusive mounting system which guarantees no rattles. Casters come with upscale bearings and brakes. Manual height adjustment is provided. The frame has double support posts. This is an ideal instrument for the student and classroom!

Price: $2,750.00
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by Barry