Zildjian K Constantinople Thin OverHammered Ride 22"

The 22" Zildjian K Constantinople Over-Hammered Thin Ride has not only been subjected to Zildjian's traditional K Con hammering for a good wash and spread, but also to a random over-hammering. Over-hammered cymbals receive additional hammer strikes after they are lathed. This is visually apparent and aids in giving these cymbals a slightly drier sound and controllability as well as excellent stick definition. This ride has a dark overall sound with rich overtones. Features 22"-diameter Dark, dry, and controllable sound More Info »
Price: $997.00$564.00
by Barry

Canopus Hammered Brass Snare 5.5 x 14

Canopus Hammered Brass Snare Drum
The deep, rich sound of brass with increased overtones from Canopus' hammering process make this a unique and powerful sounding drum. The vintage snare wires add a complex characteristic to the tone of this dynamic snare drum. A powerful full range drum.  Special order. 3-4 week delivery.
Price: $731.00
by Barry

Dream Cymbals "Bliss Series" Ride

The Dream Cymbals "Bliss Series" Ride cymbal is hand hammered with lots of wash and very warm undertones. It is affordable and is thin weighted with a small bell. Ideally designed for Jazz, shows, and alternative music forms. The tone is dark with good stick definition. Available in 20" and 22".
Price: from $294.00$191.00
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by Barry

Dream Cymbals "Bliss Series" Hi-Hats

Dream cymbals are an affordable alternative to the higher priced cymbal market. They are professional quality and are all hand hammered. The Bliss series is designed for the player looking for thinner more explosive cymbals. Ideal for Jazz, shows, and alternative music. The hi-hats are well balanced and have a warm, vintage sound. The chick is solid and consistent. Available sizes are 14" and 15" pairs.
Price: from $302.00$197.00
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by Barry

Ludwig Hammered Bronze 6.5x14 (LB552K)

Ludwig Hammered Bronze 6.5×14 Snare Drum
Ludwig Hammered Bronze 6.5x14 Snare Drum
The Ludwig Hammered Bronze snare drum is a 6.5" by 14" metal drum with a warm, wood, sound. The hammered surface tends to darken the high overtones of the bronze thus producing a warm projecting snare drum tone. It is an ideal drum for Jazz and Pop and comes standard with the Classic Lug and P88C Strainer. Free shipping continental US.
Price: $1,230.00$809.00
by Barry