Steve White Signature Sticks by Vic Firth

Vic Firth Steve White Signature Drumsticks (SSW)
Vic Firth Steve White Signature Drumsticks (SSW)

Vic Firth’s Steve White Signature Drumsticks are medium size painted sticks with a short taper making them ideal to ride and accent with the shoulder. The balance provides excellent control‚ and a short rounded tear drop tip with clear finish creates a compact sound.

Available in wood tip only.
Length = 16 1/4″ Diameter = .585″

A legendary English drummer, Steve White has worked extensively with Paul Weller, The Style Council and other British musicians including Ian Dury, The Redskins and The Jazz Renegades. In 2005, he took over drumming duties for The Who at Live 8 and has appeared on countless albums and soundtracks.

“As a fan of the Vic Firth 3A model, I took aspects of that stick and blended it with a tip shape I had in mind,” Steve explains. “Mixed with a smooth taper, we have created a very well balanced model that is versatile for all styles. In boxing terms, it’s a world class middle-weight!”

The Steve White Signature Stick is a medium sized stick with a relatively short taper, making it ideal to ride and accent with the shoulder of the stick. The balance allows for excellent stick control, and the short rounded tear drop tip creates a compact sound. The stick is crafted in hickory and finished in white, of course!

Steve goes on to say, “Versatility and consistency are the hallmark of my new stick. When I pull the stick out of my bag, I know it will do the job every time, regardless of the style of music I am playing!”

Price: $10.49
by Barry