Mike Balter Wood Unwound Mallets

Mike Balter Maple Xylo Mallet

Mike Balter 8ARMike Balter makes a  variety of top quality unwound mallets for keyboard use.  Because of the various hardnesses  the use will vary according to the instrument being played.  The two handles we feature are Birch and Rattan.  Birch is light weight, very strong and durable.  Because of the lack of flex, Marimba players often choose this type of shaft,  The Rattan is very flexible and has a bend to it.  Vibe players especially recommend this handle and they are the top choice for Bells and Xylophone as well. The Mallets listed are Wood Headed.  The two types are Maple and Rosewood.  The size of the Maple head is 7/8″, Rosewood models are 7/8″ and 1.1/4″.  Handles are Birch or Rattan.


Price: from $33.00$19.80
by Barry