Joseph Pereira Signature Timpani Mallets by JG Percussion

Models JP1 through JP5

The Joseph Periera Signature Timpani Mallets are designed by Joseph Pereira, timpanist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and made by JG Percussion for the professional timpanist. The handles are hand-selected Bamboo with hand-sewn top-quality German felt heads. The diameter of the stick is 11mm and hand grips are European style. They are articulate, warm and full sounding. Currently there are ten models available. Pictured on the left are the Models JP1 through JP5 which have felt heads. Models JP6 through JP10, pictured below, are very articulate with combinations of German felt and flannel discs. Due to this combination, they have a very warm sound.

Models JP6 through JP10
Models JP6 through JP10
Price: from $112.50$89.00
by Barry