Hamilton "Traveller II" Portable Music Stand with Carrying Bag

Hamilton Traveller II KB90
Hamilton Traveller II KB90

Light-weight and portable, the Hamilton “Traveller II” Portable Music Stand features Hamilton’s exclusive all steel desk with rolled edges to resist bending, and reinforcing ribs on the desk face and gussets in the corner of the shelf. You’ll love the handy knob adjustment for height, desk angle and leg position, and the stand adjusts from 26 to 47 1/2 inches in height. The included bag is made from heavy duty Cordura-type cloth and includes two zippered compartments, one for the desk and another for the base. Durable powder coated finish.

Ideal for the gigging musician!

Hamilton Music Stands have been manufactured for over 125 years. They are recognized as the leader in design and engineering of sheet music stands. They are durable, easy to adjust and the most popular stand in circulation. We recommend two different models — both are excellent quality. The other one is the Hamilton Encore Symphonic Music Stand.

Price: $59.99$40.50
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by Barry