Gretsch 1972 Vintage Drums with Enduro Cases

Gretsch Vintage 1972 7-pc Set
Gretsch Vintage 1972 7-pc Set

A rare find! Gretsch 1972 Vintage Drum Set. For the player. These are genuine Jasper shells wrapped in Canary Yellow. A total of 7 drums. Bebop sizes with an 18″ bass drum. The bass drum includes a Yamaha double tom holder. Stop sign badges other than the snare which is round badge. Black chrome die cast hoops. Included in the pricing are Enduro yellow padded cases, never used.


  • 14×18 Bass Drum
  • 16×16 Floor Tom
  • 14×14 Floor Tom
  • 9×13 Tom Tom
  • 8×12 Tom Tom
  • 8×10 Tom Tom
  • 5×14 Snare Drum


  • Jasper Original Shells
  • Stop Sign Badges
  • Original Round Badge on Snare Drum
  • Canary Yellow Wrapped Shells
  • Black Chrome Rims
  • Enduro Custom Padded Cases, Never Used.
Enduro Lined Custom Cases
Enduro Custom Padded Cases
Price: $3,250.00
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