Gon Bops Luisito Quintero SignatureTimbales Set


The Gon Bops Lusito Quintero Timbales Set includes a 14″ Timbale, a 15″ Timbale and a Gon Bops 3-Series Timbale stand. Designed with cold-rolled Steel shells that produce bright, lively cascara, this set versatile enough for Jazz, Rock and Latin music. The low-profile hardware design means tension rods and stand adjustments are flush with rim. The Gon Bops 3-Series Timbale stand features a Mega-Tripod base with extra clamp for locking the inside tube securely and increased stability. Also, it features the Gon Bops smart push-lock system, so there’s only one convenient wing screw to turn for tightening or releasing both Timbales.

Price: $1,287.00$769.99
by Barry