GMS Revolution Snare Drum


NOTE: This drum is a special order and will take some time to build, please email us if you have any questions before you order.

GMS’s new Revolution Series drums feature a thin coating of real metal on the company’s premium-quality maple drum shells. Available metal types include brass, copper, nickle/steel. Drummers can choose to have a metal coating on the inside, outside, or both surfaces of shell. (The coatings are visually striking and distinctive.) They can even mix and match different combinations of metal and wood—for example, nickel on the inside and bronze on the outside, or copper on the inside and wood on the outside.

Revolution opens up a whole new palette for drummers to personalize their sound. The range of choices, both visual and sonic, is enormous.

Adhering to the wood with a chemical cross-link bond, the metal is thin enough—approximately 1/32″—to make a negligible difference in the shell’s overall mass, therefore having no appreciable effect on its fundamental pitch. However, each metal type has a noticeable impact on the drum’s tone due to its characteristic reflection properties within the shell’s air column and the complementary interaction of wood and metal vibration frequencies. Bearing edges are left uncoated to promote a warmer tone, while the metal coating amplifies attack, projection, brightness, and bite.

Each of the metal coatings adds its own distinctive vibe to the drum. If you have a brass lined drum, you’ll get that brass sound, but the mass of the maple gives the drum a lot of “thickness”, unobtainable in a metal-only drum.

These drums have an incredible amount of “headroom”; when you really hit the drum, it just knocks you of your throne!!

With Revolution, drummers suddenly have a hi-def tool for defining—and creating—their ideal drum sound.”


  • Unique metal coating on inside of shell, choice of Brass, Nickel-steel or Copper
  • 2.3 triple flange hoops (die cast optional)
  • Evans drumheads
  • Tension relieving SE snare drum lugs, with GMS swivel insert
  • GMS Grand Master hand tooled brass throw off
  • Choice of Hi-Gloss, Satin or wrap finishes.
  • Optimal dual vent holes
  • Made In USA


Revolution Snare drums can be ordered with brass, copper or nickel silver/steel interiors. They come in three standard exterior finishes – Midnight, Natural and Walnut Burst and they can be custom ordered in any of GMS’ classic or custom finishes.

Price: from $1,090.00$654.00
by Barry