Yamaha Snare Stand Medium Weight SS-740A

Yamaha SS-740A
This Yamaha stand has been a favorite of players who are looking for a medium weight, easy adjusting, single braced snare stand. It can hold up to heavy hitting and is easy to transport.  The SS-740A has been a reliable stand for busy New York players for years. Priced right!!
Price: $117.80$74.99
by Barry

Yamaha YG-250D Orchestra Bells

Yamaha Bells YGD-250D
Yamaha Bells YGD-250D
The Yamaha YG-250D Concert bells produce a focused sound utilizing high carbon steel bars. The instrument is nestled in a deep wooden frame case with a removable lid and is an inexpensive high quality versatile set of bells for musical performance. The YG2-50D is 2 1/2 Octaves, tuned F57 to C88 and due to the lightness of the glock, very portable. Range-2 1/2 Octaves-F57-C88 Bars-High Carbon Steel Bar sizes-1 1/8" x 1/4" Dimensions-28 3/4" x 18"x 3" Weight-20.5 lbs.(including wood More Info »
Price: $1,052.00$595.00
by Barry

Yamaha Snare Stand Heavy Weight SS-850

Yamaha SS-850
A Heavy Weight stand designed for the heavy hitter.  The SS-850 is a no-thrills all around dependable stand.  Legs are double braced with great stability and large rubber feet.  This is typical of the well developed Yamaha hardware.
Price: $171.20$109.99
by Barry

Yamaha Lightweight Snare Stand SS-662

Yamaha SS662
The Yamaha Lightweight Snare Stand SS-662 is a compact, single-braced snare stand designed for 10-inch to 12-inch snare drums. It is light and easy to adjust. A perfect stand for piccolo size drums.
Price: $96.40$58.99
by Barry

Yamaha Boom Cymbal Stand Light Weight CS-665A

Yamaha- 665A
The CS-665A Boom Stand is considered Light Weight with more stability than the CS-655A due to Double -Braced legs.  It is compact, folds down for packing and a great all-around stand.
Price: $118.80$64.90
by Barry

Yamaha Boom Cymbal Stand Medium Weight CS-755

Yamaha CS-755
Single-Braced Boom Cymbal Stand, the CS-755 is Medium weight and very stable.  It's for those gigs when you are hitting hard but need a compact stand for travel and durability.
Price: $139.60$85.99
by Barry

Yamaha Snare Drum-Stage Custom Birch

Yamaha BSD-0655
This  snare is 14"x 5.5" and has a 6-ply 100% Birch Shell.  It has triple-flanged hoops and is now 10 lugs.  It is a good intermediate drum with clear articulation.  The wood shell provides a warm sound and good projection.  Priced very reasonably! Color shown: Natural.
Price: $200.00$119.99
by Barry

Yamaha MBL-832AU Glock Bells

Yamaha Glockenspiel Bells MBL-832AU
Yamaha Glockenspiel Bells MBL-832AU
The Yamaha MBL-832AU Glock Bells are standard 2 1/2 octave marching bells with bars made of aluminum alloy. The instrument is very lightweight. The matte finish bars are made to eliminate glare when performing outdoors. This is is a well priced instrument of quality and useful as well as orchestra bells for concert. Range-2 1/2 Octaves-F57-C88 Bars-Aluminum alloy Bar sizes- 1" x 1/4" Dimensions-31 1/2" x 20 1/4" x 3" Weight-15 lbs Pitch- A442
Price: $1,540.00$950.00
by Barry

Yamaha Stage Custom BeBop Drum Set

Yamaha Stage Custom Bop Set
The all-Birch Yamaha Stage Custom "BeBop" drum set comes in the following sizes: 18"x 15" bass drum; 12" x 8" tom-tom; 14" x 13" floor tom-tom, and includes the CL-945LBW tom-tom holder. These drums are great for beginners as well as working pros. They have a warm sound and dependable Yamaha hardware. These are great sizes for jazz gigs and small club work. Sold as a shell pack only, snare drum and hardware (cymbal stands, etc) other than the tom-tom holder More Info »
Price: $870.00$499.99
by Barry

Yamaha DTX 402K Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX400K.2
The Yamaha DTX 402K Electronic Drum Kit is rated as one of the favorite, most affordable electronic kits manufactured. Encouraged by Yamaha's dedication to technology and cutting edge innovation, the pricing and features of this kit are outstanding. The DTX402K comes equipped with 10 professional drum kits made with world-famous sounds from throughout the history of drums including Yamaha’s legendary acoustic series. By utilizing voices from the professional DTX900/700/500 and DTX-MULTI 12, each kit has extremely high sound quality with "Accent Articulation" for More Info »
Price: $799.00$499.99
by Barry

Yamaha Hi-Hat Stand Medium Weight HS-740A

Yamaha HS-740
Featuring: Rotating legs, 11-step Tension Adjustment, Chain-linked, the HS-740A is a medium weight Hi-Hat Stand.  It is easy to transport with Single-Braced legs.
Price: $200.00$119.99
by Barry

Yamaha Bass Drum Pedal Belt Drive FP-8500B

Yamaha HP-8500B
A lightweight pedal, the Yamaha Bass Drum Pedal Belt Drive FP-8500B has a nylon belt, not a chain, for quiet controlled playing.  The design has a metal frame to secure the pedal without a base plate. It is an easy pedal to pack and for players who are looking for a pedal without a chain link --- this is a good one!
Price: $235.60$149.99
by Barry

Yamaha YV-520C Vibraphone-DISCONTINUED

Yamaha Vibraphone YV-520
Yamaha Vibraphone YV-520
Looking for a compact instrument? The YV-520C Vibe is 3 octaves and designed for players looking for a compact instrument. It will fit into the taxi for the club date. It is suitable for beginners and especially designed for school bands. The bars are non-graduated and the variable speed motor with pause control is extremely quiet. Tuning range is F33-F69. It is height adjustable with Silver Matte Finish bars and very reasonably priced. Cover is included. Range-3 Octaves-F33-F69 Bars-Aluminum alloy More Info »
Price: $3,698.00$2,075.00
Out of Stock
by Barry

Yamaha Throne Medium Weight DS-750

The DS 750 has single braced legs and is medium weight.  It has a 2.5" thick padded cushion.  It's a great traveling throne which packs well and provides a firm seat. The height adjusts approximately  from 17" to 24".
Price: $160.00$99.99
by Barry

Yamaha Throne Heavy Weight DS-840

Yamaha DS840
Heavy Weight, double braced legs, the DS 840 has a thick padded seat and has a screw height adjustment.  The seat is round and the height adjusts from 18" to 25.6".  This is  a very sturdy, dependable, comfortable throne.
Price: $220.00$139.99
by Barry

Yamaha Heavyweight Snare Stand SS-950

Yamaha SS-950
A unique product, the Yamaha Heavyweight Snare Stand SS-950 is a double-braced stand for those looking for endless adjustment. The "Ball and Socket" design of the tilter gives unlimited options and the spiked feet prevent movement as you are "laying it down". This is a Heavy Duty stand!!
Price: $277.20$159.99
by Barry

Yamaha Cymbal Stand Light Weight CS-650A

Yamaha CS-650A
Looking for a light, straight cymbal stand for travel and stability this is the one!!  Single Braced, very compact and easy adjustments. It has an off-set tilter. The CS-650A= Very dependable!!
Price: $90.00$59.99
by Barry

Yamaha Cymbal Stand Light Weight CS-660A

Yamaha CS-660A
The CS-660A is basically the same stand as the CS-650A escept it has double braced legs.  It is considered a Light Weight stand but will add more stability than a single brace stand.  Off-Set tilter and compact design.
Price: $107.60$58.00
by Barry

Yamaha Cymbal Stand Medium Weight CS-750

Yamaha CS-750
The advantage of the CS-850 stand is the idea of it being a medium weight stand without double braced legs.  Yamaha has designed the stand to be stable for heavy hitting but not super heavy.  It has the off-set tilter and easy portability. Built to last!!
Price: $126.40$78.99
by Barry

Yamaha Cymbal Stand Heavy Weight CS-850

Yamaha CS-850
If you are a heavy hitter and need a stable cymbal stand the CS-850 is Yamaha's answer. With double -braced legs and an infinite adjustable tilter, this straight stand holds steady and will not creep on you.
Price: $172.80$107.99
by Barry